​New Life Church Brighton was started in 1996 by founder Eric Harmer. Our vision is to be a local church for local people, but welcoming to all. We started the church because we was aware that there are a number of estates and other areas of Brighton where there are very few Christians. 
As a church we are made up of ordinary people, most from backgrounds that were not christian at all, but somewhere along the line, somebody, or some people told us all about Jesus, and each of us, after hearing about Him has come to know Him for ourselves. 

We have come to know that Jesus is the exception to the rule. People often brag on about how good something is, a film, a song, a joke or whatever, but when you actually see the film or hear the song, it is never as good as it was made out to be. Jesus is the opposite. No matter how much people might big Jesus up, He is better! 

So just as people told us about Him, we are on a mission to tell others about Him. We have lived life without Him and we know what that’s like. There are many good things about it - but always something is missing. That 'something' turned out to be ‘someone’, it is Jesus. We want you to know Him for yourself. 

Jesus, is what New Life Church is all about. Jesus is who we are all about.

Our church is a small, happy, warm family of believers who love Jesus, one another, who love to meet new people, all are welcome. It doesn’t matter to us if people are religious or not, if they are academic or not, if they are old, young, well spoken or common, black, white, rich, poor, gay, straight - married, single, cool, uncool, all are welcome to come and hang out with us and learn about Jesus.

We are small, but we are ambitious. We are happy being small but we want to grow because we know that as our numbers increase, our capacity to serve our community will increase. And we really do want to serve and our serving is not transactional. That means, we don't serve to get something back from the people we serve, e.g., we don't serve to win people's favour or look good, not even so that more people join us - though we'd love that. No, our motivation to serve our community isn obedience to Jesus.  Why do we want to obey Him? We know that obeying Him brings Him joy. When you really love someone - your greatest joy is to bring joy to the one you love. That is why we love to serve you - when we serve you, it brings joy to Jesus which brings joy to us - and it does you good too! We would love to serve Jesus more by helping the vulnerable, the struggling, those who feel alone. We would love to do more for children of all ages and we would love to grow as a community. 

We would also love to start new churches in other areas where there are very few Christians, particularly in the poorer parts of Brighton. It seems strange to us that Jesus hung out with the poor, the outcasts, what people called ‘sinners’, those that others looked down on, yet today we find the poorer people rarely find their place among God’s people. We want to change that. Jesus was nicknamed ‘Friend of sinners’, and that’s good news because it means you don’t have to be good, you just have to admit you are not so good. 

So yeah, if you want to know about us, the most honest thing we can say is that we are not that all that, we’re ordinary people, committed to one another as a family because of Jesus, we work together to serve one another and the community for Jesus, but we are not about ourselves we are about Jesus, and He is great!